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Roller Coaster Ride by Austin Kirk

Entrepreneurship is a Roller Coaster Ride

The world of entrepreneurship is the fastest and most radical roller coaster ride you'll ever take. How you deal with that roller coaster ride has everything to do with the slim … More

Organized File Folders by Jodi Michelle

Success with Organization

We entrepreneurs are passionate people, who often have trouble focusing on a single idea. Part of that problem is the amount of stuff that we accumulate, and the lack of structure … More

Entrepreneur - Clothing - EdEntrepreneur.com

Working for Someone Else

Entrepreneur's always work for other people If you're thinking you'd be a great entrepreneur because you can't work for someone else, you need to think again. The truth is, the … More

Twitter Screen Shot

Twitter Tactics for Entrepreneurs

Design your Twitter Profile to be consistent with your other marketing materials. Change Your Twitter Header Background Follow the steps listed here to create a Twitter Header … More

Shark Tank Casting Call Des Moines, IA

Shark Tank Des Moines Casting Call Update

Shark Tank Casting landed in Des Moines, IA on Monday, July 14, 2014 with entrepreneurs lining up as early as the day before to get their shot at pitching the Shark Tank Casting … More

Think Big

The Real CEO In Your Company

The person at the top isn't the real CEO of the company. It is the person who answers the phone, or makes the call as a salesperson. They are the people that make sure your … More

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